The Caring Community Foundation has been helping Triangle cancer patients and their families for 15 years. CCF grants are issued directly to cancer patients to help cover the cost of basic needs while undergoing cancer treatment.  Our Social Worker Network is the critical link between the patients and CCF financial support. 

Patient Request Process

To be considered for assistance through the Caring Community Foundation, each patient needs to contact a social worker at the hospital/clinic where they are receiving their cancer treatment.

Basic criteria for consideration:

  • Have a diagnosis of cancer (any type)
  • Currently be undergoing active cancer treatment (chemo/radiation) in a hospital or clinic in the Raleigh/Durham area.
  • Have exhausted all other forms of financial assistance and have genuine need for an expense to be paid (rent, mortgage, electricity, water – most common bills we assist with)

The social worker will evaluate the patient and if he/she meets the criteria for assistance, a grant request form is completed by the social worker and sent directly to our Patient Request Liaison. – The Patient Request Liaison will review the grant application for completeness and eligibility and will then either approve or deny the  request.

The Patient Request Liaison will contact the social worker with either an approval email or a denial with reasons why the patient did not qualify.

If the request is approved, the grant request is then forwarded to our check writers. Checks are written directly to the vendor, not the patient unless an exception is made for expenses such as gas, co-pay etc. (maximum to patient $750).

Once request is approved, checks are written within one week. Some urgent requests are fulfilled in a day or two if necessary to prevent power disconnection or other urgent matter.

Patient Request Liaison – Brenda, RN


CCF Grants

CCF grants are only issued to patients referred through our Social Worker Network.  No direct contact is made between the Foundation and the patient regarding grants. All patient applications and grants are strictly confidential.  Grants are offered on a one-time basis to cancer patients. 

Types of Grants Provided:

  • Rent/mortgage payment Utility bills
  • Utility bills
  • Food and groceries
  • Medical bills/prescriptions
  • Transportation to and from treatment
  • Medical equipment; home readiness