About Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeline of our non-profit organization.  We count on our volunteers to help run the Foundation and promote and participate in exciting fundraising events.  Our volunteers range from former grant recipients to cancer treatment supporters and survivors, and the general community.  We offer fulfilling volunteer opportunities ranging from fundraising event coordination to database management. We always welcome volunteers who bring new enthusiasm and new talents to the Foundation.  We appreciate all of our volunteers and the hard work they contribute to help serve cancer patients in the Triangle.  

Volunteer Opportunities

CCF has many exciting volunteer opportunities waiting for you.  More than 90 percent of our operations are run by talented volunteers. With needs and activities changing all the time, we need your help too.  We invite you to join us as a valued volunteer and a make a big difference in the lives of others.

Take a look at our current needs and find your place!

If you have any of these skills and you want to join a generous community of doers to make a difference in the lives of Triangle cancer patients, let us know.  Contact as indicated.

  • Website Designer - will develop, publish to and maintain CCF’s web site. The web developer will take a leadership role in all aspects of content, data, structures, page layout and visuals.  Working independently, and in collaboration with the Communications Committee, will build the CCF image and reputation through web design.  Will help communicate the CCF story.  Work involves using appropriate tools for web design, authoring and programming.  Designs, and delivers web site content structure and visual displays. The web developer will be the primary contact for the website. 
  • Audio/Video Assistant (Pay It Forward) - will be responsible for the set up, execution, and trouble-shooting of audio and video equipment during the Pay It Forward fundraiser. Anticipatied amount of time required is around 8 hours. Prior experience in a/v technical assistance is required. Must be comfortable evaluating situations and generating solutions for those problems. 
  • Volunteers to support Fundraising Events:
    • Annual Pay It Forward Fundraising Party: Saturday, September 10, 2016. We need your help with this year's event! All types of positions will be available. Please see all Pay it Forward volunteer opportunities by clicking HERE!

Interested to find out more? Contact Laura Meyers, Administrative Coordinator, at laurameyersccf@gmail.com

Role of a Volunteer

Our volunteers mean everything to us because we are a volunteer organization. Many people join our mission because they can relate to the devastating effects of cancer.  Through their efforts, our volunteers help communicate our “Pay It Forward” philosophy – which says, if you appreciate the help you’ve received, pass on the gift of helping someone else.  It’s a simple principle that changes lives.  Be a life changer. --- Fara Palumbo, Past Board Member

Helping others understand what we do and why we do it goes hand-in-hand with our mission to serve. That’s why our face to the world should always be sunny and our message easy to interpret.  It’s hard to have a voice today without a great website – often the first stop for inquiring minds.  As we grow, our web needs sprucing and pruning and cross pollination to spread the seeds of hope to our community.  --- Kelly Lee, Board Member

We do so many wonderful things for so many deserving people and we capture this dedication within our events, on our website, and in our planning meetings. Without our supportive volunteers we are nothing.  Looking back through our photo journals we are reminded of what it’s all about, helping one patient at a time. A picture is worth a thousand words. --- Robin Foster, PIF Event Chairman

Fundraisers and awareness events are our lifeblood.  Much of our financial support comes from people who’ve joined our events and embrace our mission.  We are committed to educating the public and hosting events that are not only informative, but fun and engaging.  We want people to remember us and become a part of the important work we do. --- Jill Wolford, Founder

Non-profits love people who love numbers and are great with details. Keeping our databases up to date with easy to access information is critical to Foundation operations.  We use our databases to keep up with our donors and sponsors, to manage day-to-day details and archive important data.   --- Adel Fahmy, Treasurer

Developing good, crisp content is essential to our communications strategy.  When people read about us, we want them to have an immediate sense of who we are.  We want our brand essence to come through and our mission to be apparent in all of our communications.  We’ve got something important to say.  --- Rayma Alexander, Volunteer