Our Impact

Caring Community Foundations "Care 365" Objective: Working to Support one Patient each day of the year

Our Mission

The Caring Community Foundation provides financial support to cancer patients in need. The foundation was generated with the idea that those who receive help have an opportunity one day to "Pay It Forward" and help others. Working with social workers at cancer centers in the area, the Caring Community Foundation acts quickly to alleviate financial stresses so patients can focus on treatment and recovery.

Our Program and Progress

Established in 2001 by a Cary breast cancer survivor and her husband, we have processed over 2,700 patient requests helping to change their lives. The foundation provides timely financial assistance to cancer patients who are experiencing some kind of economic distress while undergoing their cancer treatment. We have created a network of social workers in hospitals and clinics within the Triangle and surrounding areas, area that have been trained by our Patient Liaison volunteers on how the foundation can assist cancer patients. Electronic requests from social workers detailing the particular financial need of a cancer patient are submitted and reviewed for approval. Payments are then sent directly to businesses, landlords, utility companies, etc. The simplicity of our business model is one of the hallmarks of our program.

The Need We Address

We focus on “quality of life “issues while a patient is undergoing treatment. By providing financial support to cancer patients who have fallen behind on covering the day to day costs as a result of being out of work during their treatment, we provide hope and a lifeline. Our “service” is to provide timely financial assistance with minimal paperwork.

The disruption to a cancer patient’s job or their caregiver’s job causes the entire family to fall behind on the basic necessities of life adding one more layer of stress and fear to their already overwhelmed lives.

We work to alleviate, in a small way, some of these financial burdens. To the best of our knowledge, no other organization in the area provides this type of assistance.

A few examples of how we help patients:

  • A 39‐year‐old wife and mother of four small children being treated for breast cancer. She has been trying to work as much as possible as a housekeeper and her husband has been trying to work longer hours to make up for lost income. CCF paid for one month mortgage assistance at $1000.
  • A 5‐year‐old boy being treated with leukemia that is being cared for by a single mom who had to quit work due to her son’s cancer. He is receiving chemo at present. CCF honored the request for $303 to pay their electric bill.
  • A 50‐year‐old man with metastatic lung cancer who has had surgery and is now receiving chemotherapy. Prior to the diagnosis, he was a manager in retail but is at present unable to work. His wife works part‐time in a preschool. CCF paid $822 for mortgage assistance.

Year to Date CCF Outcomes

  • 15 years of support!
  • 2,700+ patient requests approved and processed!
  • $1,700,000+ disbursted directly to support patients!
  • Individual-level outcome(s): 2,700+ patients and their families have been provided with financial aid to alleviate their specific needs, relieving them from stress and allowing them to focus on getting healthy and returning them to their families, jobs and their communities.
  • Community-level outcome(s): Based on the success of the CCF Patient Liaison/Social Worker Network established in the community, CCF has successfully reached cancer patients effectively, with oversight in how to support them best. The trust and respect developed with the social workers we interact with and the patient is deep and profound.
  • Organizational-level outcome(s): Through our program, CCF has established continuing partnerships including those which have both made financial contributions and helped to improve the sustainability/infrastructure of the foundation.