Patient Stories

Patient Thank You - February 2016

I wanted to send a special thank you for your help and doing. Without you, I would have ended up on the streets if my rent was not paid. You are truly a live savers and heroes. I cannot wait for my battle to end and to start working so I can give back and help others. Thank you again for the wonderful things you do to help those who are sick and in need.

Patient Thank You - February 2016

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me. I have been without water for 2 months. My water was turned back on thanks to you. You're truly a blessing to me - and I'm sure many more. I'm here still and I'm a fighter, and I know there are many fighting a cancer battle to - but people like you make it so much easier for us - to fight because you have the heart to do - to help! So, with that being said, thank you very much!

Patient Thank You - January 2016

My husband and I would love to thank you for making it possible for us to stay at Caring House; something we could have never done without your help. Our stay was awesome, we could not have been in a more perfect place for what my husband is going through, Glioblastoma Grade 4. Thank you so much! 

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